Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
We Just Closed, LLC


We Just Closed, LLC (“WJC”) values it’s members and is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information. In keeping with that philosophy, we have developed a Privacy Policy, set out below, that will ensure the continued protection of your nonpublic personal information and inform you about the measures WJC takes to safeguard that information.

Who Is Covered
We provide our Privacy Policy to each member when they become a member of WJC. Generally this means that the Privacy Policy is provided to the member immediately upon their initiating membership with WJC.

Information Collected
In the normal course of business and to provide the necessary services to our members, we may obtain nonpublic personal information directly from the member from interrelated transactions or from third parties and related service providers or other similar entities.

Access to Information
Access to all nonpublic personal information is limited to those employees of WJC who have a need to know in order to perform their jobs. These employees include, but are not limited to, those in the department such as legal, membership services, administration and accounting.

Information Sharing
Generally, WJC does not share nonpublic personal information that it collects with anyone other than its internal personnel as stated above or as requested by the member. WJC may share nonpublic personal information as permitted by law with entities with whom WJC has a joint marketing agreement, entities with whom WJC has a joint marketing agreement have agreed to protect the privacy of our members nonpublic personal information by utilizing similar precautions and security measures as WJC uses to protect its information and to use the information for lawful purposes only. WJC may share information as required by law in response to a subpoena to a Government Regulatory Agency tor to prevent fraud.

Information Security

WJC at all times strives to maintain the confidentially and integrity of the personal information in its possession and has instituted measures to guard against its unauthorized access. We maintain physical or electronic and procedural safeguards in compliance with Federal standards to protect that information.

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